Chuck Wicks

About The Artist

It's a long way from a potato farm in Delaware to the top of the country charts, but Chuck Wicks made the journey, and along the way has become quite the Renaissance man. A gifted singer/songwriter, devoted conservationist, triathlon competitor and acclaimed broadcast personality, Wicks tackles his multiple passions with humor, heart and an impressive work ethic.

As co-host of America’s Morning Show with Blair Garner, Wicks has proven he’s equally skilled on either side of microphone. Whether he’s interviewing one of his country music peers during the popular show or delivering a new song from his Blaster Records debut, Wicks has earned respect as an impressive communicator and multi-faceted talent. “The days of being one dimensional are over,” he says with a smile. Take opportunity and make opportunity. Why do just one thing if you have opportunities to do something else? Go out and do everything you can do. You only get one shot.”

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