Allison Veltz

About The Artist

My name is Allison Veltz, and I’m about to release my first album, Allison’s Wonderland. The title may borrow from somebody else’s book or movie, but the story in the 11 songs – is all mine. I grew up in a family that was always on the move. Since it’s the way I was programmed from childhood, it’s a go-to when things get tough to want to bolt on to the next thing and start all over.

When I first moved to Nashville, I had doubts about whether my solo career was going to work, and I honestly started thinking that maybe it was time to just leave and let this dream go. I was at a crossroads and I chose to take a leap of faith, look at the bright side and trust that I’m in the right place, and it's all going to pan out. But there’s a story behind how I got here…

I was born into a moving, musical dream. Mobile, Alabama was just the starting place of my story, but it kind of defined us – we were very “mobile.” The list of cities I’ve lived in includes Kansas City, MO; Ithaca, NY; Boca Raton, FL; Vienna, VA; Gaithersburg, MD; colonial Williamsburg, VA; New York, NY – not necessarily in that order. And that’s not all of them, either. But it gives you a sense of how transient my life was.

Music was always there in the middle of it. We had a family band – it was a pop/folk group, with a lot of percussion, and you can still feel that rhythmic influence in Wonderland. We put out an album or two on our own and even had a record deal. So as unstable as our address might have been, I was always completely certain of my destiny: I was supposed to be a singer.

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